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Picture Of The Day-Tom & new member

Tom is showing a new choir member the "ropes".

Video Of The Day-You Were There

You Were There

Tom Cully Profile

Joined Choir: 2002
Birthdate: July 2, 1994
Age: 15


Thomas Cully has been part of the Libera legend since he was 7, singing his first feature on the 2002 Songs of Praise video "There is a Green Hill" with fellow chorister Michael Horncastle. Almost straight away Tom established himself as a proficient singer of the high notes, a task he particularly enjoys and regards as play rather than work. His flair for these high motifs was first observed in performances of one of the choir's best known songs, "Sanctus", where he shared the top part with Ben Crawley and Joe Platt - a role passed on from Liam O'Kane and Steven Geraghty. Tom's was prominently on Libera's 2004 album” Free” where he can be heard to good effect on "Stay With Me" and "I Am The Day" hitting an astonishing top C to end the song. Libera's 2005 release "Visions" gave Tom a more prominent role in the group. He shares solo duties on "Sempiterna" with Joe Sanders-Wilde and on "We are the lost" with Michael Horncastle but more importantly "Visions" also sees Tom given a solo of his own for the first time with the joint Prizeman/Crawley composition of "Always With You". Tom loves to sing in live performances and his efforts for these have been equally remarkable, whether it be with Hayley Westenra, Aled Jones or concerts by Libera alone on both 2005 tours. He also took part in the world premier of Preisner's Silence Night and Dreams in Athens. Thomas Cully can be heard in one episode of Foyle's War. On Libera's new album [ New Dawn ]Thomas has 6 solos, one of which is a truly wonderful version of Bach's Air on the G string. From this point Tom became one of Libera's principal soloists and the release of the "Angel Voices" album in 2006 provided Tom with solo parts on "Going Home", a new recording of "Salva Me" and a hauntingly beautiful version of the carol "Silent Night".

Outside of Libera and the St Philip's Church Choir, where he sings regularly at the Sunday services, Tom's great passion is his local football club Crystal Palace F.C. Tom can be found playing football (soccer) or doing magic card tricks with his close friends. When Tom grows up he would love to carry on with music and either be a producer or music director. Whatever the case may be it seems certain that Tom will be a mainstay of Libera for many years to come whether it be singing or helping out with the choir.