Tuesday, June 1, 2010


He has created his own site on MySpace.

The new new songs he has written are as follows:

1. Cashmere 2. Scarborough Fair cover tryout 3.Until the End of Time cover

Here you can hear his music he composes and records in his bedroom!

"My names Tom Cully, I'm a 15 year old Singer/Songwriter. I compose a lot of classical music but I also like singing covers and making them into voice based songs, rather than the instruments driving it. Being a previous member of Libera I've now progressed on and am currently studying music at The Brit school. I record in my bedroom and really just find it an escape to everyday life. The songs I write are normally about the stresses of a teenage love life and the clichés that go with it."

Tom Cully MySpace 

Join his MySpace!!!


  1. Hello! How are you doing?!
    I wanted to add this fine artist to my Myspace page, unfortunately I cannot even send the following letter I wrote as unless you are friends, the pop up says you cannot communicate with him! How distressing!
    Here is a copy of what I wrote:

    [To Tom Cully on his myspace page]

    I am just in discovery mode of your wonderful music, having only recently heard of 'Libera' and listening to your wonderful singing skill via You Tube with the choir.
    I was going to add you to my list on my Myspace page, as I keep the page almost exclusively in honour, and in celebration of artists and musicians and their wonderful contribution to the world of entertainment!
    However, I see that you do not like to include those who you do not know, so I understand!
    I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for your absolutely incredible performance ~ long may you continue to be a huge huge success in your ability!

    With best wishes for health, happiness and just plain fun in life

    Natasha O'Sullivan (from Sydney Australia)

  2. Tom, wish you all the best! And I love you!