Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Libera's offical Philippines concert

Libera in the Philippines

Tokyo Concerts

Two consecutive concerts, 8 April and 9 April 2010, at the Tokyo Bunkamura Orchard Hall

If I have understand correctly, tickets will be available from January 30th to April 5th.

It's not possible to choose the seats and price 8000 yen + 500 fee, so about 65 € or $95. That’s a lot of money!

Tom in the Philippines

Message from Libera Dreams

I've noticed over the years that each boy has a different feeling on staying or leaving. RP does leave it up to them to decide. You have a couple like Michael V and Oliver who bolted as soon their voices broke and then you have some like Michael Horncastle and Callum who stuck around.

I do have it on very good authority that Josh will be staying for quite sometime. And JB will probably hang around for Henry. I have no idea on either Liam or Tom but with their musical ability, I can imagine that RP would need them around. It never hurts to have more older boys around to help with the younger ones. Means a little less work for Mrs. G.

Libera Dreams

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Video O Sanctissima

O Sanctissima

Home: One Final Encore

This story comes from the Libera 360 website about his adventure after the concert.

It was time for me to go home.

When I first booked for this flight to Cebu to see Libera on October 3, I booked the 8am flight on October 27 going to Cebu, then the 9pm flight on October 29 going back to manila. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagined being on the same plane as the Boys ON BOTH TRIPS! (Details of the Manila to Cebu flight)The flight back to manila was severely delayed, and there were just close to 20 of us waiting for the plane. It was supposed to be the 9pm flight from Cebu to Manila, but the estimated time they gave us was 11:45PM. At 11:10, the plane arrived, and we were given the instructions to board. At the plane, the stewardess announced that we were just waiting for a few more passengers, and not long after that, to my surprise came the Boys of Libera wearing thier signature white hoodies, preceded by a lot of laughter and chattering. They were all about looking for their seats. Upon takeoff, while the seat belt sign was on, they remained glued to their seat off course but that immediately changed after we reached maximum altitude. Jakob Wood ran to the lavatory, Ralph Skan went to the front to chat with someone, and James Threadgil , lol, he was looking for another seat, and transferred thereafter. I wondered why for a moment and i guess i understood seeing who he was seated with, a senior couple was occupying the window and middle seat leaving the aisle seat for James. I guess that made him feel left out since everyone was with their buddy. Luckily the plane was only carrying very few passenger aside from the Libera entourage and it was easy for him to find another seat. Allthrough the trip, eveyone was discussing something over their Nintendo, and i see everyone has brought their own console. Just before we disembarked, I had the chance to sneak a short video of the boys. it was strictly forbidden for us to open our cell phone on the plane and while at the terminal. we can only use them outside the terminal, but i can't fight the temptation of taking a few clips of the boys. At the baggage counter, i was watching a group rushing to the nearest rest room with Big Ben, while Jon was trying out a hat made from local materials from Cebu. Liam then approached Jon and gave him a nice hug as they kinda did a small dance with it.I was surprise to find josh Suddenly appear beside me waiting for his stuff. I'm around 5'10 and josh was indeed taller than me, so it looked... so he must be 5'11" by now... or was i just crouching coz of my back pack?Most of the boys were already outside the terminal while the others were helping gather their luggage's marked "PRIORITY" with their names on them. The boys had a lot of stuff judging from their luggage. I saw Liam's, a great big black suitcase marked Leggett, a box marked "Ben's Tools", and Tom's. On my way out I have my phone cam still running. I got rattled when the security guard stopped me by the door, then I realized I forgot to show them my claim tag. With my hands full I was clumsily rummaging through my pocket for the claim tag that when I picked my bag up after they cleared me, the handle of my backpack broke off and my bag went rolling in front of the mini boys. Tom and Liam were like staring at me like they didn't know if they should laugh or not. I guess that ok, I sure did laugh at my self...I looked back one more time, said a farewell in my mind and hailed a cab. Man, I don't think I'm going to have another three days similar to this past three. My luck really shone and I will never forget this experience for as long as I live!

Sign away Tom