Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stalking Libera Boys On The Internet

As you know I am daily going to all the websites and bloggers to get any information to pass along to you. The lastest talk in forums is that Libera is having problems with people trying to get in touch with the boys past and present through such sites as Facebook and Myspace. Here is a chat from Libera Dream Fanforum website forum from today.

TEB (Moderator) tcliffy wrote:
After due consideration on the part of the Moderators (and please note that no one is actually in trouble) we, as a group, have begun to seriously worry about allowing people attempt to find the Libera boys, both past and present, on facebook. Obviously, we can't control what you do outside the forum as it is not our concern, but I must beseech each of you to let them be. I, thus far, have no reason not to trust any of you, but 'cyber-stalkers' do exist and every precaution must be made to protect the boys' and their privacy. Please do not go and look them up on either myspace or facebook and under no circumstance should you try and engage in conversation with them. If you'd like to talk to them, as a whole, I'm sure we can try and arrange some way of letting you write them and possibly create a fan-mail process thing. If you have any question/comments, post them here.

tcliffy (Super Moderator) Well, Libera has responded to me and I will tell you exactly what they said...
"Libera discourages individual boys from entering into any kind of correspondence with fans - via Facebook or other social networking sites, or as penpals.It would not be appropriate to write letters to the group as a whole. We are very happy to see the messages that supporters leave in our guest books but the correspondence has to stop there, and we hope that fans would respect the privacy of all our members - both past and present." Sorry folks, no letter writing unless you do it on their website.

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